Child Protection Requirements for Parent/Adult Helpers



Any adult planning to attend any Pathfinder event must be aware of Child Protection principles and adhere to these at all times. This is both for the protection of the Pathfinders as well as the adult. Our ‘Child-Safe Code of Conduct’ provides details on these principles and their application. It can be downloaded here.



Any adult attending any Pathfinder event is required to have a current Working With Children (WWC) number. The WWC number can be applied for online at Following the online application you will receive an application number which you will need to take in person to a Services NSW Office for identification purposes. After you have done this, you will receive the outcome of your application for a WWC number via email. This email must be forwarded, WITH your date of birth, to the Club’s Child Protection Coordinator prior to involvement at any Pathfinder event for our records and clearance. The Club’s Child Protection Coordinator can be contacted via email at



In ADDITION to the WWC number (above), any adult attending any overnight Pathfinder event is ALSO required to have:

  • Signed the online ‘Code of Conduct’ on the AdSafe website (see instructions below), AND,
  • Completed the ‘Safer Churches Training’ on the AdSafe website (see instructions below), AND,
  • Forwarded details of all these to the Club’s Child Protection Coordinator in a timely manner PRIOR to attending any Club event (email to

If the Child Protection Coordinator has not received ALL three of these requirements (WWC number, signed Code and completed training) with adequate time to confirm their validity, you will NOT be allowed to stay overnight at the event.

To sign the ‘Code of Conduct’ you will need to visit: and log in (please sign up for an account if you do not already have one) then enrol in and complete the ‘Code of Conduct’. Instructions for setting up an AdSafe account and completing the Code can be downloaded here. Once you have signed the Code of Conduct you will receive an email confirming this – please forward this email to

To complete the ‘Safer Churcher Training’ you will need to visit: and log in (use the same details you used for the ‘Code of Conduct’). The online training uses videos, exercises and written (or spoken if preferred) content and consists of 7 modules online. It is available anywhere there is internet connectivity and a computer or handheld device. It usually takes around 2-3 hours to complete online and progress can be saved and returned to later (it does not all have to be done in one go). Once you have completed the training you will receive an email confirming your completion – please forward this email to