Meal Suggestions

When planning meals remember that teenagers, who have been doing a lot of activity, will often eat a lot more than they will at home. For example a packet of pasta that serves 4 can easily be consumed by a teenager in one meal when camping and they can still feel hungry.

Pasta, Noodles, Rice, Easy Mac

Pasta, noodles or rice meals such as those sold by Continental, San Remo, etc – these only require water / milk / margarine and then boil. To avoid taking milk open the packet at home and add powdered milk and then reseal. Noodle cups, 2 minute noodles, etc only require hot water.


Most prefer to use the bottles of prepared pancake mix – just add water and shake. Don’t forget a can of spray cooking oil or margarine and a spatula.

Nocchi or Pasta

Usually comes packaged so that it doesn’t require refrigeration. Just needs boiling in water. Once cooked add some pasta sauce. You can also add dehydrated vegetables, etc. UHT sealed packets of pasta sauce or tomato paste can be great with Nocchi or Pasta avoiding the need to take glass bottles.


Instant potato can be a good, quick start to a meal. Just add hot water and margarine (if needed). Add some canned vegetables, etc for a full meal.

Baked beans, spaghetti, stews, soups, complete meals, etc in a can.

Only require heating.

Bread, Tortillas, Salada Biscuits, Savoury Biscuits.

Bread can often get squashed and become unappetising. Store slices in a container to keep it’s shape and freshness. Tortillas, other wraps or savoury biscuits can be a good alternative. Wraps filled with salad, refried bean mix, etc can make good lunches when hiking. Cheese, tomato, etc sandwiched in-between two tortillas and heated in a frying pan can be excellent. Use a tortilla as the base for a pizza made in your frying pan topped with tomato, mushroom, onion, cheese, etc.


Heated refried bean mix or baked beans spread over a packet of corn chips and then add salad and cheese.


Can be hard to pack to avoid being broken. Can be boiled, fried or scrambled. Toad in a hole – pull the centre out of a piece of bread, place the outside into a frying pan, crack an egg into the centre and fry.


Try to avoid the quick sugar hit cereals. Muesli, Weetbix, etc have a lower GI and can sustain your energy levels for longer. Add UHT milk and tin fruit.

Rolled Oats

Rolled oats, dried fruit and milk/water all boiled together makes an excellent breakfast.

Fruit Crumbles

Cut up an apple, peach, apricots and place in your cooking pot with a little water and sugar. (A can of fruit is just as good.) Cover with muesli and heat to make fruit crumble.

Milk & Cheese

UHT or powdered milk are really the only options when camping. Kraft Cheddar Cheese will also last unrefrigerated when camping.

Snack Foods

Chocolate, muesli bars, trail mix, fruit (fresh, dried or snack pack), etc are all excellent snack foods when camping. Because you are burning up more energy than normal you require extra food, especially snacks.