Pathfinders will be awarded with honour badges for the various activities they engage in during the year. These will be available to the children at investiture at the end of the year. Honours are added to their sashes. (See website for uniform requirements and honour placement.)  The honour badges earned during camping events have been included in registration costs.

Personal Research Honours

In order to obtain additional honours each year, pathfinders may complete the personal research honours in their own time at home through out the year. Completion of these honours is optional and is not mandatory for investiture.

The worksheets for each honour are categorised by class below and must be completed and handed to the pathfinder club leader by 31 October each year in order to be eligible to receive the award at investiture that year.

There are four honours for each class and pathfinders may complete any or all of the honours in their class and preceding classes if they have not already completed the requirements. At the bottom is a list of general honours for any group to complete.

Simply go to the appropriate class section below, select the honour you would like to complete, print the requirements, research and complete the worksheet answers as required, submit the completed worksheets to the club leader for assessment, receive your award for your sash at investiture.

Friends (Grade 5)

1) Worms

2) Cats

3) Dogs

4) Seeds


Companions (Grade 6)

1) Cetaceans

2) Endangered Animals

3) Nutrition

4) Cacti (For a video tutorial, click here)


Explorers (Grade 7)

1) Marine Mammals

2) Parrots and Cockatoos

3) Orchids

4) Mammals (For a video tutorial, click here)


Rangers (Grade 8)

1) Birds

2) Moths and Butterflies (For a video tutorial, click here)

3) Brain and Behaviour

4) Digestion


Voyagers (Grade 9)

1) Soils

2) Flowers

3) Heart and Circulation

4) Eucalypts

Guides / Master Guides (Grade 10,11)

1) Maple Sugar

2) Fishes

3) Palms (For a video tutorial, click here)

4) Marsupials



1) Computers

2) Digital Photography

3) Electronics

4) Internet (For an online tutorial, click here)

5) Internet Advanced

6) Model Cars


(For a video tutorial, click here)