Groups and Units


Pathfinders are seperated into different class groups based on the school grade of the child.  One class is completed each year.


These classes are:


Group Grade
Level 1 Friend Grade 5
  Companion Grade 6
Level 2 Explorer Grade 7
  Ranger Grade 8
Level 3 Voyager Grade 9
  Guide Grade 10
  Master Guide Grade 11



Unit or class leaders are responsible for:


  • Knowing who is in your group and where they are at all times, and ensuring they know who to talk to if they have a question or other issues arise
  • Liaising between the camp coordinator and your unit, and attend leaders briefings on camp
  • Arranging alternative supervision of your unit if you are not available for any period of time
  • Gathering your unit together at meal times and ensuring each pathfinder has eaten properly, knows how to prepare their meals, cleans up, operates their cookers safely, etc
  • Ensuring your unit applies sunscreen and hats, drinks enough water, wears suitable clothing for the activities planned, and other safety precautions as required
  • Calling your unit together every evening for debrief and prayer time before bed
  • Supervise and support junior or other counsellors if they are caring for your unit.
  • Facilitating a happy experience for the pathfinders by engaging with them, encouraging group bonding and appropriate friendships, to address any anxieties, tensions or conflicts, etc.
  • Engaging in all activities with your unit unless needed elsewhere
  • Liaising directly with parents of your pathfinders as needed
  • Recruiting the parents of your pathfinders into your unit activities during camps as appropriate